Me and Migraines

May 26, 2020

Migraine headache look

You may have noticed I do less social media and emails sometimes. Why? I have migraine headaches. I only get them occasionally now vs. almost daily when I worked in corporate.

I can see the pain in my eyes in this photo. I'm at one of my favorite places at the beach. This is a look I can identify in many past photos.

When I was immersed in my prior career, I didn’t practice self-care and didn’t know how. I was in survival mode but there was no end. It wasn’t until I was offered a package from my company that I made my exit and never looked back.

There are usually two things that combine to trigger my migraines and I can’t always determine which two.
*lack of sleep
*getting overheated
*too much computer

I could finally take a step back, breathe and create a new path. First I acknowledged that the headaches weren't my fault. Then I embraced self-care, clean living and had a clear head to begin my new journey. Never would I have imagined having my own business in a new industry. I was in a place where I could give back along with my community. I was truly inspired by others who did the same thing.

After the migraine the following happens to me.

I know I need to rest, take pain meds and let it all pass. Everyone is different and I’m interested in your experience. Feel free to email me

*What causes your migraines?

*How do you feel afterward?

*What helps you feel better? 

Take care, Cindy

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