What are buttersuckles?

May 14, 2018

Honeysuckle and buttercup brand design

Our founder loves honeysuckles and buttercups. That's how we got our name, "h. honeycup". Wait, our name could have been buttersuckles! These flowers now appear on our packaging and we love it!

We like that it sounds fresh and fun, like an outdoor adventure. Our name comes from nature and so do our ingredients. Plant-based just feel right.

It turns out that creating natural and organic skin care products is as much fun as using them. How many samples do we try before we select our final product? Too many to count!

We try to keep things light in order to enjoy what we're doing. Whether it's a photo shoot of our products and everyone is laughing, or we're giving feedback on formulas in a relaxed, respectful way.

It's important that our attitude about natural beauty shows through in the products we create. Please have fun with them just like we do!

What about the "h"? Well, that's a mystery, isn't it.

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Natural skincare samples

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