Winter Skincare Guide – How To Get The Best Results

November 20, 2019

Image of orange body scrub for blog on Winter skincare and how to get best results for dry skin.

Wondering how to use our moisturizing skincare in the winter? We’re asked many questions about what natural skincare products to use, how often, and in what order for the best results.

Below shows what body care to use over several days as a guide to successfully treat your dry skin. Then see more detail about how the body scrub, body oil, and lotion stick complement each other to give you soft, glowing skin every day. Even in the winter or other drying weather. Feel free to mix it up to see what works best for you and your skin!

Day 1 - Body scrub + lotion stick

Day 2 - Body oil + lotion stick when and where needed

Day 3 - Body scrub + lotion Stick

Day 4 - Body oil + lotion stick when and where needed

Body Scrub

The body scrub is intended for every other day, alternating days with body oil. Use while in the shower to exfoliate and moisturize skin. Rub gently on your body (not face). The sugar will melt away under a warm shower. Follow with lotion or lotion stick. The scrub leaves dry skin soft and glowing. It gently polishes, moisturizes, and protects skin.

Body Oil

The body oil is intended for every other day, alternating days with body scrub. Use after a shower or bath. Rub all over your body (not face). It will quickly soak into your moist skin. Follow with lotion stick when and where needed. The oil leaves dry skin deeply moisturized and soft all day.

Lotion stick

The lotion stick is intended for every day AND on the go. Glide stick over your body (not face) after a shower or bath. It will be absorbed by skin where it’s needed most. The lotion stick leaves dry skin soft and protected from harsh weather. It is portable and spill-proof skincare. You can leave the lotion stick in your bathroom, carry it in your purse, gym bag, pocket, travel bag, or leave one in your desk or car.

Try these ideas on how to treat your skin during winter. We'd love to hear how our clean beauty works best for you.

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