Ultra Soothing Bath Crystals

Product Description

Use & Care

Pour a hand full into warm bath water. It will immediately dissolve. Please use product within one year of purchase due to the use of natural ingredients.


Magnesium sulfate, Coriander oil, Lemon oil, CBD Isolate 500 mg.

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CBD Topical | Nontoxic Moisturizer for All Skin Types | Plant-based beauty to deeply moisturize with essential oils | 16 oz/454 g, glass bottle

SOOTHES: 500 mg of CBD Isolate helps soothe your body (THC free).

MOISTURIZES: Essential oils nourish and deeply moisturize. Rub all over your body and immediately feel the difference.

CLEAN LIVING MADE EASY:  Designed to be safe for anyone who embraces a clean lifestyle. We donate our products to recovery centers to help with their clean living journey. Indulge both body and mind naturally.

NONTOXIC: Our all natural and original formula has the perfect combination of CBD and oils to soothe skin. No chemical fragrance. 

EASY TO USE:  Add a handful to bath water to soothe your body. Relax.

SMELLS LUXURIOUS:  Scented with lemon and coriander essential oils, provides a natural scent that leaves you relaxed, soft and glowing.


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