How to Choose a Wellness Beauty Brand that Truly Cares

What is Wellness Beauty?

Art, landscapes, architecture, stars, sunsets, dancing, our faces, our bodies—are all beautiful. Beauty can be found in the joy, curiosity and meaning of those things that make us feel good. 

Wellness is defined as the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health. It’s the ongoing journey toward all-around good health that encompasses our physical, mental, social, environmental, spiritual and psychological wellness. 

When we combine wellness and beauty, we can explore, embrace and enjoy experiences that enhance our self-care and feelings of support, love and good health. 

The global wellness economy is a $4.5 trillion market, with beauty and personal care accounting for the biggest slice of that wellness pie, valued at $1.1 trillion, recent figures show.  

It’s clear wellness beauty is highly sought-after. But with so many of us searching for wellness beauty brands and shopping for wellness beauty products that promote self-care and give back to the wider community, how do we know which one to choose? One that is right for us.

How to Choose a Wellness Beauty Brand that’s Right For You

In today’s beauty industry, we’re looking for brands, products and initiatives that support and value our health, wellness and wellbeing—to reflect our wider efforts in our daily lives. 

Routines, regimens and habits help to create an enjoyable experience. In our busy and multifaceted lives, beauty and the practice of self-care can positively transform how we feel.

How can we find a wellness beauty brand that fits our needs? What should we consider when choosing one? Here’s the lowdown on what to look for when searching for beauty brands that focus on wellness, self-care and giving back to the community.  

  1. Connect with Conscious Collaborators

Today, we’re seeking a more personalized, considered and conscientious approach from beauty brands. One that reflects our wider socially-conscious calls for ethical and sustainable beauty.

Far from a fad, conscious consumerism goes to the very core of everything a beauty brand does—their formulations, sourcing, supply chains, packaging and charitable giving.  And truly conscious beauty brands will hold these values at the heart of everything they do.

As we become more aware and knowledgeable of our skin and body care needs, we’re actively seeking brands that provide information and understanding of these wants, preferences and needs.

When shopping, we may ask: What do I want from a wellness beauty brand and its products? How does this brand and its product help me? 

Today, brands are prioritizing stances, actions and product developments that make us feel good and respond to our wellness efforts. 

Here are some of the ways brands are appealing to wellness beauty needs: 

  • Promoting self-care
  • Supporting clean living
  • Offering clean beauty products and education 
  • Tailoring products to our skin and body care needs
  • Demonstrating cause-based values that show they care about us and our ski
  • Developing plant-based/vegan beauty products
  • Creating non-toxic beauty products
  • Offering products in new textures and specialized niches
  • Formulating with safe and effective ingredients

Top Tip: Does it put people and the planet firmly at the top of its priority list? Find a wellness beauty brand that aligns with your values. It’s a partnership between the brand and yourself, their beauty consumer. A good one involves engagement, connection and a sense of community.

“My own self-care gave me a purpose. I started my natural skincare business and realized I could help others with their clean living journey.” – Cindy Barberes, Founder, H. Honeycup

  1. Seek Confidence, Credible & Customer-Centric Communication 

Wellness in beauty also revolves around safety, reassurance and trust. We want to know that a brand’s products are effective; that they will do what they say they will, meet our needs, and be safe.

Conscious and purpose-based beauty brands place emphasis on:

  • Being transparent
  • People, both individuals and cause-based communities
  • Looking after the planet
  • Supporting local 
  • Engaging in collaboration

“The idea of collaborating with another brand with similar values is so exciting.” - Cindy Barberes, Founder, H. Honeycup 

“Greenwashing”, whereby a brand markets certain claims but does not live up to them, has generated skepticism. Growing concerns about the truth of a brand’s claims and what goes into making beauty products has spurred calls for ethical wellness beauty brands. 

We want authenticity and are actively looking for brands that can substantiate their claims. 

Independently-owned beauty brands, known as indie brands, have exploded in popularity in recent years for being synonymous with having high levels of transparency and being passionate, purposeful and rich in storytelling.  

We value purposeful leaders and relatable founders that communicate with us directly. Clear, transparent information on safety, ethics and the product’s efficacy create confidence and build trust.

We want to receive information on the inspiration behind their brands, values, the origin of their chosen ingredients, formulations, processes, and certifications. 

Brands that communicate their compliance with global cosmetics regulations, and also utilize and display accreditations and all-encompassing certifications on their packaging provide assurance of safety, ethics and eco-consciousness. 

Top Tip: Connect with a reliable and responsible wellness beauty brand that genuinely cares about your needs as a consumer. Choose a brand that can substantiate the safety, effectiveness and consciousness of its brand and product claims. 

“Beauty product formulas created from scratch ensure quality control, safety, transparency and originality” - Cindy Barberes, Founder, H. Honeycup

  1. Care & Community

Wellness not only relates to the self-care a brand is providing you as an individual but also how it reaches out to the wider community and seeks to give back to the planet. We can take care of ourselves and take care of others—with the right wellness beauty brand. 

The congruence of climate change, international sustainability goals, the Covid-19 pandemic, social justice movements and an increased focus on mental wellbeing have culminated in rising social-consciousness. We care deeply about the brands we choose to connect with, trust and buy from, with those backing social welfare and global issues at the top of our lists. 

To help us choose a wellness beauty brand, we can look at how the brand gives back to causes it’s passionate about and how it cares for the wider world. 

Here are some of the ways brands are supporting people and the planet: 

  • Charitable giving
  • Natural and organic ingredient selection
  • Ethical ingredient sourcing
  • Waterless formulations
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Upcycling methods to reduce waste

For brands that achieve true sustainability and wellness for the wider planet, we reward them with loyalty. We become brand advocates, sharing the brand’s positive attributes with our friends, families and communities. And we vote for our wellness beauty brands of choice with our dollars.  

Top Tip: Select a brand that delivers on their promises, not only to you but to the causes they support and their sustainability initiatives. Self-care to take care—of you, the causes close to your heart, your local communities and the planet. 

“When you give back in your own way, you create a unique energy that inspires generosity in others.” - Cindy Barberes, Founder, H. Honeycup

Your Wellness Beauty Brand

Wellness beauty is here to stay. Looking ahead, wellness in beauty will continue to grow as beauty, skincare and body care devotees prioritize self-care, feeling good, caring for causes they’re passionate about, and protecting our planet. 

We want to get the most out of our skin and body care routines, regimens and habits to make us feel good, inside and out. We also want to give back and know that the beauty brand we choose has a purpose and a passion, a cause and a conscience—a genuine authenticity built on the values we share with them. 

“You can easily make a difference for yourself AND in caring for your planet. You can be good to yourself and the planet at the same time.” - Cindy Barberes, Founder, H. Honeycup

Body Care with a Cause

Honeycup creates natural skin care products dedicated to inspire you to feel good about yourself while doing good for others. We promote self-care, encourage a giving community and prefer a fun, relaxed culture which translates to our body care products. As a family affected by addiction, we donate plant-based natural products to individuals in recovery with the hope that it helps them heal both body and mind naturally. We ask our community to suggest where we can donate which makes it personal for all of us.

How to Choose a Wellness Beauty Brand that Truly Cares