Meet the Founder


I used to be focused on the facts: black and white. Then after my corporate career and accompanying migraine headaches, I discovered lots of other beautiful colors. The yellow that peace of mind can bring. The orange of relaxed confidence. All brought out through a commitment to self-care. I survived, learned, and am grateful.

Self care

Self-care became a priority for my health. I began taking courses to decompress including Certified Health Coaching at Duke Integrative Medicine and Mindfulness Meditation at Penn Medicine. Everyone I knew noticed the transformation. I was ready to give back to the community and help others get excited about self-care by treating their bodies with respect. It needed to be something you could see AND feel. There were more colors out there for everyone to explore. You could close your eyes, smell and touch something beautiful. A guilt-free way to feel good about yourself or help someone else feel better. My indie beauty brand was born.


Our family has been affected by addiction like so many others. I am now in a position to encourage my beauty community to be part of something they believe in. We donate natural skin care products to those in recovery from addiction with the hope that it helps individuals heal body and mind naturally. Our community suggests centers we donate to so it's meaningful for all of us.


I started researching clean beauty products because I know how important it is to use products that are effective yet don't have harmful chemicals. I was fortunate because my husband's company, Raintree Labs could formulate and manufacture my vegan skincare. Kevin knows about combining natural ingredients, sustainable packaging, and regulations. I could then focus on my vision of creating cruelty free skincare for individuals to feel good about themselves while doing good for others.

Our Name

It wasn't easy settling on a name for the company and then after a lot of soul searching I combined my love of honeysuckles and buttercups to form H. Honeycup.

Body Care

Then came the decision to focus on natural body care. In the selfie world we live in, I feel it's important to give your body plenty of TLC. When you feel good about what you put on your body, it shows on your face.

Feel free to download free eGuide, "How to Choose the Wellness Beauty Brand For You!"


I knew we were making people happy once I saw them open products, smell them, and react with wide eyes and big smiles. Then the feedback started coming in. "This stuff is gold." "Love it, love it, love the body scrub! From the energizing smell to the texture that is somehow both scrubby and smooth, to the way it makes my skin wonderfully moist."

I love working hard every day on the next natural skin care product and the next amazing natural scent. I promote self-care, encourage a giving community and prefer a relaxed culture which translates to our conscious beauty products. I continually ask people what they like, what they want, and what they need.

Thank You

I want to thank my customers, friends/family, other female founders and my peers at Duke Integrative Medicine and Penn Medicine for participating in my self-care journey which continues! Your perspectives will always mean so much to me.

Take care,


Cindy is the founder of H. Honeycup. She encourages self-care, a giving community and prefers a relaxed culture which translates to her plant based body care products. As a family affected by addiction, H. Honeycup donates products to those in recovery with the hope that it helps heal body and mind naturally. Feel free to download free eGuide, "How to Choose the Wellness Beauty Brand For You!"

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