H. Honeycup CEO Cindy Barberes


I used to be focused on the facts: black and white. Then after my corporate career and accompanying migraine headaches, I discovered lots of other beautiful colors. The yellow that peace of mind can bring. The orange of relaxed confidence. All brought out through a commitment to self-care. I survived, learned, and am grateful.

Self Care

Self-care became a priority for my health. I began taking courses to decompress including Certified Health Coaching at Duke Integrative Medicine and Mindfulness Meditation at Penn Medicine. Everyone I knew noticed the transformation. I was ready to give back to the community and help others get excited about self-care by treating their bodies with respect. It needed to be something you could see AND feel. There were more colors out there for everyone to explore. You could close your eyes, smell and touch something beautiful. A guilt-free way to feel good about yourself or help someone else feel better. My indie beauty brand was born.