Who We Are


Giving Community 

h. honeycup creates natural and organic skin care products dedicated to inspire women to feel good about themselves while doing good for others. We promote self-care, encourage a giving community and prefer a fun, relaxed culture which translates to our body care products. As a family affected by addiction, we donate plant-based natural products to individuals in recovery with the hope that it helps them heal both body and mind naturally. We ask our community to suggest where we can donate which makes it personal for all of us.


Specializing in body care, we carefully select and blend the best natural and organic ingredients which are ALL clearly defined on the web and listed on labels so women can trust and understand what they are putting on their skin. In addition to the 30 ingredients banned in the US, we exclude the 1,300+ ingredients banned by the European Union (EU) for use in cosmetics/skincare.

Wellness Beauty 

Women are taking more of an interest in their wellness than ever before and want vegan beauty products that deliver all of the benefits of effective skincare without synthetic chemicals. The ingredients in h. honeycup's body care line are carefully selected to take advantage of natural properties that help cleanse, moisturize, calm and rejuvenate. They are gentle on the skin so even women with sensitive skin can have that fresh, smooth and radiant feel.

How Products Are Made

As an indie beauty brand we use only natural and organic ingredients so women can feel healthy and happy in their skin. h. honeycup's products are formulated and manufactured by Raintree Labs, which is owned by Cindy’s husband, Kevin Parker. "It's been a great experience sharing product development and manufacturing knowledge with h. honeycup," said Kevin. "Cindy has a clear vision for creating and delivering a skincare line that blends the purest natural and organic ingredients to maximize effectiveness." All products are created one ingredient at a time. We do not begin with a “base”, “blend”, or “fragrance” made by an outside company.

Products We Make

There are currently body scrubs, body oils, and lotion sticks available: an Orange Sunflower and Lime for citrus lovers and a Palmarosa Pomegranate (Palm Pom) and Jasmine Chamomile for flower lovers. The scents are captivating in their own way and there is also a limited edition fragrance-free lotion stick for those with sensitive skin. We now have an alcohol hand cleanser and a lotion to form our Hand Survival Kit. Our Take Care Kit with three minis is an amazing gift to give anyone a natural boost.

Our Philosophy

h. honeycup encourages a giving community and helps others both in contributions and by volunteering their time. Most h. honeycup products are waterless. All are vegan and cruelty free. Packaging is minimal and we encourage recycling or upcycling. We share upcycling ideas for each product in our social media. Follow us to be inspired!


Three natural skincare samples. Mini sizes of lotion stick, roll on body oil and body scrub.

You'll love our minis!