July 25, 2023

“We donate our products to recovery centers to help residents with their clean living journey.”

A socially conscious philosophy is at the core of H. Honeycup’s values. When indie beauty founder, Cindy Barberes established H. Honeycup in 2017, she knew she wanted to create a brand that gives back to the community. Caron Treatment Centers is the most recent donation recipient.

A Meaningful Gesture
Since Cindy’s family member has struggled with addiction, she decided it made perfect sense to donate clean beauty products to sober living and recovery centers. It was so perfect since people who are in recovery from addiction are doing everything they can to live a clean lifestyle. Self-care has been neglected in the past and H. Honeycup can help in this small way.

“It’s been truly meaningful to us. Most people know someone close to them who has faced addiction. Our hope is that we can encourage those in recovery to heal both body and mind naturally.” – Cindy, H. Honeycup

Where to Donate?
H. Honeycup has been making natural body care donations since 2019. Typically, a customer or friend recommends a recovery facility which they appreciate. Then the donation has special meaning.

This year the Take Care Bundle was introduced and is presented to those who just completed inpatient treatment to encourage self-care, or are in recovery from addiction. Three self-care minis: body scrub, body oil, and lotion stick, come in a gift pouch with a special card that says, “treat your body like you care”. Caron Treatment Centers are the first to share this self-care gift with those who are completing inpatient recovery.

“Thank you so much! I love that you are helping us promote self-care. Thank you for believing in recovery and supporting a mission that transforms lives!” – Caron Treatment Centers

About Caron Treatment Centers
Caron has 100 medical professionals and two in-patient medical centers in Pennsylvania and Florida plus out-patient facilities in Philadelphia, Atlanta and Washington, DC. For nearly 70 years, Caron has helped thousands of individuals struggling with substance use disorder and their families begin to manage this chronic, treatable disease. Caron transforms lives impacted by addiction and substance use through proven, comprehensive, and patient-centric treatment plans. Above all, Caron strives to ease the pain of addiction by restoring health, hope, spirituality, and relationships, ultimately preparing individuals and families for lifelong recovery.

Conscious Beauty
H. Honeycup considers itself a conscious beauty brand. This not only means giving back, but it also means ingredient transparency, a commitment to clean ingredients, sustainable packaging, vegan skincare, cruelty free skincare, and educating beauty consumers on making better choices. H. Honeycup is a member of the Conscious Beauty Collective, a group of over 30 brands with this same philosophy.

Gifting Someone in Need
It makes sense to offer the Take Care Bundle for others to as a self-care gift idea for someone in need. They may be in recovery from addiction, recovering from an illness, or simply need to give their body more TLC. The self-care bundle is safe for anyone who embraces clean living. There is free shipping for this bundle.

MADE SAFE® Certified
H. Honeycup has worked closely with MADE SAFE® to create this clean beauty bundle. Having a third party assess ingredients and processes to ensure the natural skin care products are safe for humans, animals, the ocean, and eco-systems makes this donation worry-free.

H. Honeycup plans to continue these donations. Anyone with a recommended facility for donation should contact Cindy directly at info@hhoneycup.com.

“Recovery is an ongoing and emotional journey for individuals, their friends and family. There is so much about addiction that people who haven’t experienced it don’t understand.” – Cindy, H. Honeycup

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