DIY Recipes for Gorgeous Hands

July 13, 2020

Has too much hand sanitizer, gardening, etc. beaten up your hands? You can fix this at home!

  1. EXFOLIATE hands weekly

Exfoliate hands weekly or whenever you exfoliate your body. Use a DIY scrub or your favorite scrub to gently polish your hands. You WILL notice a difference.

DIY chocolate cinnamon hand scrub recipe:

This hand or body polish will take you to a special place that uses all your senses. A fast and delicious mixture to slather on in the shower. You’ll love creating it, inhaling it, and the feeling of soft skin afterward.

Stir below ingredients into small bowl and spread on skin while in the shower. It will gently exfoliate, provide aromatherapy, and rinse off easily. You can do it!

* 2 tablespoons of brown sugar (white sugar works too)
* 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
* 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
* 2 tablespoons olive oil

This easy polish helps exfoliate and moisturize skin. And the scent is delicious.

  1. MOISTURIZE hands after every wash

Use hand lotion after every wash. Keep it by the sink, in your desk, or in your purse.

DIY lemon olive oil hand moisturizer:

Did you know you can make a quick and easy moisturizer with three ingredients? I am confident that you can do it!

Stir below ingredients in small bowl and rub on damp skin immediately after washing. Not for face.

*2 tablespoons of olive oil (regular or extra virgin)
*2 drops of fresh lemon juice or any essential oil you have
*Pinch of dried herbs or flowers

Olive oil is an amazing skincare ingredient. The fatty acids and anti-aging vitamins help soothe and nourish skin.

Feel free to download free eGuide, "How to Choose the Wellness Beauty Brand For You!"

  1. MOISTURIZE cuticles daily

Give your cuticles some love. Rub oil on cuticles daily to keep them looking and feeling beautiful. Keep oil by the sink.

DIY orange olive oil cuticle oil recipe:

*2 tablespoons of olive oil (regular or extra virgin)
*2 drops of fresh squeezed orange juice or any essential oil you have 

Rub onto cuticles and nails daily to lock in moisture, keep cuticles healthy and help nails grow.

  1. NOURISH. Apply deep moisturizer weekly

Use a hand mask weekly to restore moisture and leave hands soft and supple.

DIY banana hand mask recipe:

This amazingly simple hand mask is fast and easy. Just what your hands need with all the washing and alcohol sanitizing.

Mash and stir together:

*1 ripe banana
*Dash of cinnamon
*1 tablespoon olive oil

Rub onto your hands, close your eyes and let sit for 2 minutes.

Rinse. Your hands thank you.

Easy hand or neck mask:
*1/2 avocado
*1 teaspoon honey
*1 teaspoon olive oil
*1 teaspoon plain yogurt
Mash the avocado and stir in other ingredients. Spread on neck area. Close your eyes and let sit for two minutes. Wipe off with warm water on a wash cloth.

The omega fatty acids in the avocado and olive oil smooth and hydrate. The honey and yogurt softens skin. The result is beautiful soft skin.
  1. CLEAN. Use moisturizing hand sanitizer

Choose a hand sanitizer that has moisturizer. Alcohol can be very drying so be sure the sanitizer you choose has moisturizers. A natural sanitizer is best since you use it often and it soaks into your skin.

DIY sanitizers are too risky. It’s best to purchase from a reputable brand so it’s made safely and correctly.

Don’t forget to wear gloves to protect your hands while gardening, in cold weather, or any project that can scrape, dry, or beat up your lovely hands.


Be clean, be soft, be safe! Feel free to follow H. Honeycup on Instagram for more hand and body care tips.


Cindy is the founder of H. Honeycup. She encourages self-care, a giving community and prefers a relaxed culture which translates to her plant based body care products. As a family affected by addiction, H. Honeycup donates products to those in recovery with the hope that it helps heal body and mind naturally. Feel free to download free eGuide, "How to Choose the Wellness Beauty Brand For You!"

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