December 19, 2023


Woman holding orange body scrub up to natural green background for blog: WINTER SKINCARE: 5 STEPS TO AVOID DRY SKIN

There is an order to things when it comes to your body care routine. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize. For winter skincare, a moisturizing body scrub and daily lotion or oil are critical to keep skin looking and feeling healthy. Never skip a day.

In the Shower

  1. Cleanse body with a gentle body wash or soap.
  1. Gently exfoliate with a moisturizing scrub three times per week. By using a moisturizing scrub, you will add extra hydration with your lotion afterward.

After the Shower

  1. Apply hydrating lotion. Lotion with an active ingredient like hyaluronic acid will have the most impact on your skin.
  1. Alternate days with body oil to keep skin nourished and supple.
  1. Keep a hand moisturizer with you to stay hydrated all day long.

Example of a daily schedule for healthy, glowing skin:

Day 1     Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize with body lotion
Day 2     Cleanse, moisturize with body oil
Day 3     Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize with body lotion
Day 4     Cleanse, moisturize with body oil

Body Cleanser

Bar soaps can more often have natural preservatives since there is no water in the soap. Try these MADE SAFE® Certified soaps.

Fontana natural bar soaps


Body Scrub

Try this MADE SAFE Certified orange scrub. Rub gently on your body (not face). The sugar will melt away under a warm shower. Follow with lotion or lotion stick. The scrub leaves dry skin soft and glowing. It gently polishes, moisturizes, and protects skin.

Image of natural orange body scrub held in woman's hand


Body Lotion

The lotion is intended for every other day, alternating with body oil.  Rub over your body (not face) after a shower or bath. It will be absorbed by skin where it’s needed most. The lotion leaves dry skin soft and protected from harsh weather.

Get the most impact from your lotion. Ensure it has an “active” ingredient.

  • Ceramides
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Niacinamide
  • Peptides


Body Oil

This MADE SAFE Certified body oil is intended for every other day, alternating days with body scrub. Use after a shower or bath. Rub all over your body (not face). It will quickly soak into your moist skin. Follow with lotion stick when and where needed. The oil leaves dry skin deeply moisturized and soft all day.

 Lavender body oil


Hand Lotion

The hand lotion is similar to the jasmine body lotion. Intended for every day, it includes hyaluronic acid for extra hydration. Keep it with you wherever you go.

Image of Chamomile Jasmine Hand Lotion with Hyaluronic Acid


As always, avoid products with “fragrance”. This often means chemicals. Look for essential oil scents in natural skin care products.

Cindy Barberes is the founder of H. Honeycup, creator of natural body care products. They promote self-care, encourage a giving community and prefer a fun, relaxed culture which translates to their body care products. As a family affected by addiction, they donate clean beauty products to individuals in recovery from addiction with the hope that it helps them heal both body and mind naturally. They ask their community to suggest where they can donate which makes it personal. Find out more about where they donate. H. Honeycup is currently participating in the Conscious Beauty Collective.