June 18, 2018


Image of actual fruit, flower and herbs in H. Honeycup skincare. Natural skincare ingredients are food grade. Sunflower, mango, orange, rosemary, pomegranate and coconut. For blog describing how essential oils and carrier oils are used in skincare.

We thought you would like to know how our body scrub ingredients come together to bring you healthy glowing skin.

Essential oils and carrier oils are combined to maximize the effectiveness of beauty products so they can be healing and pleasing to skin.

Essential oils are distilled from plants, are potent, and evaporate quickly leaving behind a lovely scent. They are for external use and have many healing properties which are excellent for skin care products. Benefits may include evening skin tone, soothing irritated skin, regenerating skin cells, reducing inflammation, brightening skin, and moisturizing skin. All of these can refresh and enhance skin's appearance.

We include the following in our body scrubs:

  • coriander seed
  • ho wood
  • lavender
  • orange
  • palmarosa
  • sandalwood

Other high-quality essential oils:

  • geranium
  • frankincense
  • ylang ylang
  • lemongrass
  • juniper
  • clary sage
  • rose
  • neroli

Carrier oils are a fatty extract from plants. They dilute essential oils (but not their effect) and enable essential oils to be applied comfortably to the skin. They complement essential oils and pairing them creates a compelling natural product. They have a subtle scent and don't evaporate quickly like essential oils. They also have their own therapeutic properties due to the natural nutrients they contain. These may include nourishing and moisturizing which promote healthier skin.

We include the following in our body scrubs:

  • jojoba
  • pomegranate seed
  • sunflower seed

Other high-quality carrier oils: 

  • coconut
  • olive
  • sweet almond
  • argan
  • avocado
  • grape seed
  • moringa
  • apricot kernel

We hope you find this helpful. See our full list of natural ingredients. Feel happy in your skin!


Cindy is the founder of H. Honeycup. She encourages self-care, a giving community and prefers a relaxed culture which translates to her plant based body care products. As a family affected by addiction, H. Honeycup donates products to those in recovery with the hope that it helps heal body and mind naturally.