September 13, 2022

By Cindy Barberes

What is the Conscious Beauty Collective (CBC)?

It is a group of 30 independent clean beauty and wellness founders with a traveling pop-up. They combined to form the CBC in 2022 and had their first pop-up in San Francisco. After making a splash they moved east to Natick Mall, an upscale location outside Boston, MA. And 2023? . . . Soon to be announced!

“The idea for the pop-up came from one of the bright spots of launching a brand during Covid. We have found that partnering with like-minded brands over the past two years has been a fantastic way to grow each other's businesses. We wanted to leverage this into a bigger experience and create a collective that would be brand led, not retail led, so that all of the brands would benefit.”

-Lynn Power, founder of the Conscious Beauty Collective, and MASAMI Haircare

How is the Conscious Beauty Collective Set Up?

Each brand has its own section so you’ll see the hero products hand selected by the founders. Although each brand is independent, they collaborate on ideas, giveaways, education and events. You can often find some founders at the store.

What’s special about the Conscious Beauty Collective?

You can shop for clean beauty and wellness brands all in one place! Plus the amazing bundles with mixed brands. It helps to know these brands are socially conscious, so they care about you and the planet.

Who are the founders?

All are indie founders who are leading the way with safe and eco-conscious beauty and wellness products. They started their brands from the ground up, initially doing everything themselves until they could collaborate and hire great people to help implement their vision. 

What are the special bundles available at the Conscious Beauty Collective?

Each bundle is made up of multiple products that complement each other. The bundles are discounted by 20% off full price. What types of bundles can you choose from? One is the "Shower Power Bundle" with products from four different brands.

  1. Plant Apothecary Start Body Wash, Citrus and Frankincense, 8.4 FL OZ
  2. Cleo + Coco Cleansing Bar, Basil Mint, 5.5 OZ
  3. H. Honeycup Body Scrub, Orange Sunflower, 6 OZ
  4. MASAMI Travel Shampoo and Conditioner, 2 OZ each

Other bundles with their own special theme?

"Weekend Getaway"
MASAMI Styling Cream, Hear Me Raw Mini Clarifier, Empress Naturals Night Serum, Buffalo Gal Organics Defense Serum, Impact Naturals Sachet, Patchology Mask

"Award Winners"
MASAMI Styling Cream, Green Bee Botanicals Moisturizer, Cleo+Coco Natural Deodorant, Patchology Eye Gels

"Skin in the Game"
Ouli’s Balm, Avoila Nourishing Oil, SIMPURE Toner, Buffalo Gal Organics Cleanser, Six GLDN Moisturizer

"Beauty Inside and Out"
Lash Spell Serum , Elaine Wellness Collagen, Caire Beauty Serum, Dr. Dana Nails, LAMIK Beauty Lip Gloss

"No BS (skincare for men)"
Bosq Duo, SIMPURE Cleanser, Dermala Moisturizer, Patchology Breakout Box 

"Hi-Tech Beauty"
facefront sKin Facial Sculpting Tool, Buffalo Gal Organics Potion, ScentFluence USB Sampler, ADORatherapy Performance Boost Trio

"Top it Off"
May 11 Hair Oil, MASAMI Shampoo, Aromatherapy Drops Hair Mist, BeautyZana Clay Mask

"Treat Yo Self"
Natural Radiant Life Body Butter, Swedish Jealousy Lipstick Duo, BeautyZana Massage Oil, Isle de Nature Scent Coin

Soon you'll be able to purchase all the bundles online through MASAMI, the leader of the collective.

Come into the store to look at the bundles yourself! There are other deals and giveaways shared on social media too.

The Conscious Beauty Collective is at Natick Mall, Natick MA from September 1 – December 31. Located across from Nordstrom between Peloton and J. Crew.

Be sure to follow the CBC!

Cindy Barberes is the founder of H. Honeycup. She encourages self-care, a giving community and prefers a relaxed culture which translates to her nontoxic body care products. As a family affected by addiction, H. Honeycup donates products to those in recovery with the hope that it helps heal body and mind naturally. Feel free to download free eGuide, "How to Choose the Wellness Beauty Brand For You!" 

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