February 16, 2024


Woman in Reprise green sweatsuit for blog: ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS - FOUNDER FAVORITES

Normally I recommend favorite brands where I trust the products, the brands, and our shared values. This time I’m sharing eco-friendly brands recommended by Mary Bemis, founder of Reprise Activewear, a member of the Conscious Beauty Collective.

Thanks to Mary for highlighting these products to live a cleaner life. See the full article in Consciously Beautiful Magazine, January 2024.

Cleaning Products

“These brands EXCLUDE Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Phthalates, Ammonia, Chlorine, Phosphates. Nontoxic cleaning supplies from the following brands use plant-based ingredients, essential oils, and minerals. These alternatives effectively clean without exposing you to these potentially harmful substances.”



Branch Basics


Branch Basics website


“Traditional cookware may contain minerals that, under certain conditions, can leach harmful substances into your food. Some risks of cookware include exposure to Teflon and aluminum.” These brands EXCLUDE these materials. All-glass cookware is good also.



Made In Cookware


“Traditionally-made clothing is often covered in tons of different chemicals like anti-wrinkle, stain-free, and BPAs which have been linked to neurological and reproductive issues as well as skin discomfort. Reprise is made WITHOUT polyester, nylon, chemical dyes, formaldehyde, pesticide residues. Here is a breakdown of nontoxic clothing fabrics to be on the lookout for. Organic cotton, hemp, tencel (from wood pulp), wool.”

Reprise Activewear

Bedding and Towels

“Creating a restful and healthy sleep environment involves more than just a comfortable mattress and soft pillows – it extends to your bedding materials also. Traditional bedding can sometimes harbor chemicals that may impact your well-being. Here are potential concerns associated with conventional choices. Synthetic fabrics, formaldehyde, flame retardants. Making the switch to nontoxic bedding contributes to a healthier sleep environment, reducing exposure to potential irritants and chemicals. Investing in quality, natural materials ensures a cozy and safe haven for restorative sleep.”



Cozy Earth


For more clean beauty and wellness products, see the Conscious Beauty Collective.

Cindy Barberes is the founder of H. Honeycup. She encourages self-care, a giving community and prefers a relaxed culture which translates to her nontoxic body care products. As a family affected by addiction, H. Honeycup donates products to those in recovery from addiction with the hope that it helps heal body and mind naturally.