May 04, 2021


Cover of Wellness Beauty eGuide with young woman at lake holding skincare for blog

The beauty and wellness industry continues to grow and shape our lives by encouraging supportive self-care routines, helpful wellness tips, and exciting, effective beauty products. Wellness is at the very heart of how we take care of our skin and our bodies. Wellness beauty brands that truly care about wellness are socially conscious in the truest sense. It’s those that commit to promoting and engaging in wellness, care and giving.

It’s beauty that truly cares. It’s body care with a cause.

Choose a Wellness Beauty Brand for You

We know that beauty and body care can make us feel good. In our first eGuide, we’ve packed it full of information, insights and tips to help you choose a beauty brand that genuinely cares and prioritizes the values of taking care and giving back. One that actively supports ethical beauty, clean living and sustainability. 

Draw on the popularity of routines, regimens and habits, increasingly we’re asking:

  • What is it about body care beauty that makes us feel good?
  • How does this contribute to our self-care priorities and overall wellness?
  • What do we love about our beauty products?
  • Why are our beauty products so important to us?

As wellness becomes more and more popular and present in our beauty market, we’re exploring self-care, giving back positively, looking after our local communities, and being a positive force for change in striving to protect and preserve our global community.

In our 12-page wellness beauty eGuide, we give you the lowdown on how to choose a wellness beauty brand, so you have valuable and need-to-know information and insights on:

  • What is wellness beauty?
  • What should you consider when choosing a wellness beauty brand?
  • How can you find a wellness beauty brand that fits your needs?

We’ll look at the helpful tips, information and top considerations when searching for wellness beauty brands and shopping for wellness beauty products that promote self-care and giving back to the community. We’ll provide ideas and takeaways that you can follow when looking for specific beauty brands that focus on wellness, self-care and giving back to the community.

What’s Important When Choosing a Wellness Beauty Brand?

When looking for beauty brands and body care with a cause, increasingly, more of us are actively looking to:

  • How to find socially conscious brands

Conscious consumerism is here! As conscious consumers, we’re on the lookout for conscious brands. We’re taking a careful look at our favored brands’ values and how they care for individuals, communities and the wider planet. We’re turning to wellness beauty brands to see how they cater to our specific needs, concerns and values.

We want to know that we’re connected to a caring, genuine and responsive brand that reflects our values and cares about what we care about. One that promotes ethical beauty, clean living and ultimately, prioritizing self-care.

  • How to find credible brands with great customer service

Transparency, responsibility and safety are crucial when it comes to choosing a wellness beauty brand and shopping for wellness beauty products. We’re looking for brands that successfully provide and communicate these values.

Does the brand tell you about its inspiration, activities, values, processes and formulations? Does it provide dedicated customer service to answer your questions? It’s about being able to access this information and feel confident that you are connecting with a great brand that genuinely cares about its role in beauty and wellness.

  • How to find brands that truly care about their customers and their communities

Wellness not only relates to the self-care a brand is helping you add to your day but how it reaches wider communities and seeks to give back to the planet too. A brand may give back through sustainable initiatives or its commitment to charitable giving. With the impact our beauty brands, products, and habits have on our planet ever-prevalent, our environment’s health and security are affecting the beauty decisions we make.

Ethical beauty and environmentally-friendly products are front and center for sustainable beauty brands that truly care about their impact on people and the planet. Increasingly, beauty shoppers seek natural beauty, vegan beauty products, sustainable packaging, and community initiatives.

Why are Wellness Beauty Brands so Important?

More than just a trend, the beauty movement continues to explode onto our physical beauty shelves and into our digital collections, making their way into our baskets.

What is evolving today is how we’re choosing our favorite beauty brands and go-to products. When searching and shopping, we're looking for a beauty brand and products that encourage us to really enjoy and get the most out of our body care routines and buys to make ourselves feel good, inside and out.

We’re looking for beauty brands that contribute positively to our wellness, the wellness of our local and valued communities, and the wellness of our wider global community. We’re looking for beauty brands that genuinely care. We’re looking for body care with a cause.

We’re seeking tips, information and support on finding a wellness beauty brand that truly cares. Look no further. Here’s everything you need to know on how to choose a wellness beauty brand that does just that.

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Cindy is the founder of H. Honeycup. She encourages self-care, a giving community and prefers a relaxed culture which translates to her plant based body care products. As a family affected by addiction, H. Honeycup donates products to those in recovery with the hope that it helps heal body and mind naturally.