March 29, 2023


Two women on blanket at outdoor photo shoot for blog: SPRING GIFT GUIDE BY H. HONEYCUP

Spring is full of excitement. Colorful flowers, graduations, Mother's Day.

Shopping should be fun and easy. Bundles help you save so here are a few ideas for you! For an additional 20% off, use code THANKYOU at checkout.

Body Worship Skincare Bundle $54.00

Body Scrub and Body Oil to show off soft glowing skin. The refreshing orange scrub gently polishes and the lavender palmarosa oil locks in moisture. Already 15% off price of individual products PLUS 20% more. FREE SHIPPING ORDERS OVER $30.

 Self-Care Essentials Skincare Bundle $32

We all love to reach for a lovely handwash and a creamy lotion. Lemon coriander hand wash for a perfect hand washing experience. Then luscious jasmine lotion to instantly moisturize. Already discounted price of individual products PLUS 20% more. FREE SHIPPING ORDERS OVER $30.

 NEW Take Care Gift Bundle $25

You can gift this bundle to someone who needs a hug (comes in a special pouch). They may be in recovery from addiction, recovering from an illness, or simply need to give their body more TLC. Our bundle is safe for anyone who embraces a clean lifestyle. Mini scrub, oil, stick. FREE SHIPPING FOR THIS BUNDLE plus 20% off.

Take Care Bundle with Gift Pouch

 NEW Insect Repellent Spray Lemon Eucalyptus $20

For the nature lover who wants natural protection. 20% off. Non-greasy spray safe for your body and to spray around outdoor seating area. DEET free with oil of lemon eucalyptus and vanillin for longer, effective bug repellent. FREE SHIPPING ORDERS OVER $30.


Happy spring shopping!